The New Rules Of Engagement


Imagine a world where we wake up inspired to go to work, feel valued, are totally engaged and get to use our skills and strengths to solve problems. People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job (Gallup). This culture can overcome any obstacle, flow freely with the ever changing, fast paced workplace and create the advantage that every company needs. Today, across many successful organizations, great leaders are shaping the culture in which people naturally work together and achieve remarkable results. When the right elements and conditions are present in our organizations, we naturally trust each other and create more value than we take. 

With 83% of individuals stressed at work, 55% unsatisfied with their jobs and 47% struggling to stay happy, something has to change. The need to address the individuals who show up every day is more important than ever. The need to develop them, engage them, and help them cultivate their dreams and reach goals is essential. Josh truly believes a companies power is in their people - and with this research and information, organizations can turn their problem’s into their strength’s while they're still an opportunity.

Here are some outcomes Josh has delivered to help professionals and leaders: 

  • Identify the constraints limiting business performance
  • Release the latent energy stored up inside themselves and others
  • Implement a communication strategy that breathes life into others (Feedback & Recognition)
  • Unleash innovative approaches to increase personal and team performance
  • Increase trust and openness between managers and their team
  • Unlock the strengths in others and maximize performance with the “Align before Assign” principle.