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Keynote Programs



Keynote Programs

Every audience can count on a powerful experience that blends storytelling with current research and fresh ideas to drive innovation in people performance.  Josh is committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas to impact today’s leaders to manage and grow better humans for better business performance.   

Josh's presentation on understanding millennials in the work place gave us great insight on what our incoming employee workforce expect from their employers and what gives them satisfaction and energy in their jobs. Largely I found that they are quite similar in their expectations to my own generation, but I was not able to see it clearly until Josh explained the differences between the baby boomers and the following gen’s X,Y,Z. I would highly recommend him as a speaker.

Eric Haug
Director - International Executives Association

Keynote Topics

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-The New Rules of Engagement-

-Developing The Next Gen Leader (Millennials) -

-Culture: The Competitive Advantage-

-The Innovation of Human Performance & Personal Engagement-

The New Rules of Engagement

The New Rules of Engagement

The New Rules Of Engagement


Imagine a world where we wake up inspired to go to work, feel valued, are totally engaged and get to use our skills and strengths to solve problems. People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job (Gallup). This culture can overcome any obstacle, flow freely with the ever changing, fast paced workplace and create the advantage that every company needs. Today, across many successful organizations, great leaders are shaping the culture in which people naturally work together and achieve remarkable results. When the right elements and conditions are present in our organizations, we naturally trust each other and create more value than we take. 

With 83% of individuals stressed at work, 55% unsatisfied with their jobs and 47% struggling to stay happy, something has to change. The need to address the individuals who show up every day is more important than ever. The need to develop them, engage them, and help them cultivate their dreams and reach goals is essential. Josh truly believes a companies power is in their people - and with this research and information, organizations can turn their problem’s into their strength’s while they're still an opportunity.

Here are some outcomes Josh has delivered to help professionals and leaders: 

  • Identify the constraints limiting business performance
  • Release the latent energy stored up inside themselves and others
  • Implement a communication strategy that breathes life into others (Feedback & Recognition)
  • Unleash innovative approaches to increase personal and team performance
  • Increase trust and openness between managers and their team
  • Unlock the strengths in others and maximize performance with the “Align before Assign” principle.

Developing The Next Gen Leader

Developing The Next Gen Leader

Developing The Next Gen Leader (Millennials)


1. Intentse competition for Millennial talent who are less loyal than prior generations.

2. Leadership pipelines that are lagging behind current needs (Deloitte)

Today, organizations need to explore new approaches to leadership development. The workforce is becoming both younger and older as Millennials continue to enter as other retire. This shift is creating fresh challenges in leadership development leaving massive gaps in the development pipeline. How leaders adapt to this disruptive change in the workforce will determine tomorrow's success. Leaders must innovate their approach to the millennial experience and development path to keep the pipeline healthy and moving. 

To win the war on talent leaders must not only acquire and keep their emerging leaders but rapidly develop them. What are the qualities of top talent? How do you best adapt to engage and invest in this talent? When you can get it right not only will they stay but they will become the competitive advantage in this new, every changing and complex business economy.

Any company's growth potential is directly related to it’s people potential.

Both practical and inspirational, this program "Developing The Next Gen Leader" is jammed with strategies for leaders who want to effectively develop and cultivate their next generation of leaders. Those who choose to do so will create their own advantage and outperform the market by fostering a high performance culture for sustainable leadership growth.

Here are some outcomes Josh has delivered to help leaders:

  • Understand the climate required to develop, nature and equip potential leaders
  • Foster a high performance culture for sustaining leadership growth
  • Lift the lid on the career of those around you
  • Build a dream team of leaders for a strong future
  • Deploy a process for turning producers into reproducers
  • Uncover the most important qualities of a great next generation leader

Culture The Competitive Advantage

Culture The Competitive Advantage

Culture: The Competitive Advantage

As organizations become increasingly team-centric, the workforce becomes both younger and older, technology catalyses faster change, and business challenges grow more global and diverse, fresh challenges in leadership development and shaping culture are emerging.

What we know is that leadership behavior and culture directly impact organizational performance, customer service, employee engagement, and retention. It’s not only about equipping and leading but understanding how to use data and behavioral information to manage and influence culture.

Culture is the competitive advantage in the new business economy.

Culture can determine success or failure in times of change: mergers, growth, new product lines and offerings can either succeed or fail depending on the health and alignment of the organizations culture.

Creating an outstanding culture where people lead, innovate and show up fully engaged provides a long-term competitive advantage by turning challenges and difficulties into strengths while they are still opportunities.

Here are some outcomes Josh has delivered to help professionals and leaders: 

  • Uncover the connection culture has to performance
  • Deploy the “levers of cultural change" 
  • Create high-impact employee experience moments
  • Leverage “supply depots” for ensuring long term cultural impact
  • Identify barriers of creative, effective culture
  • Developing “Please and Thank You” moments

The Innovation of Human Performance

The Innovation of Human Performance

The Innovation of Human Performance & Personal Engagement

This keynote helps attendees innovate their approach to work and tap into a new level of energy and excitement towards performance at work.  As individuals redesign their experience and take ownership of their personal engagement - they unlock stores of latent energy and create breakthrough results.

This important message drives each attendee to discover something new as they move towards harnessing the power of personal engagement. Josh coaches the audience through how taking control of their personal leadership development equips them to overcome barriers and hold on through unknown conditions and changes. He introduces fresh research with examples of success that encourage and better the human condition. 

The keynote will serve as a marker in the forward development of those looking for greater fulfillment from their work and daily activity. Participants will emerge with innovative approaches to unleashing their best work. Additionally, they will connect impact personal engagement has on their ability to perform, innovate and lead. 

The outcomes of this keynote will prepare each person to take the right actions and bring more passion and purpose to their performance at work. Whether it is adopting a growth mindset or leading from their strengths, one degree of change from this session will have a lasting impact.

Here are some outcomes Josh has delivered to help professionals and leaders: 

  • Discover the innovative techniques designed to help you unleash your very best you
  • Deploy the framework for how to successfully "play at work"
  • Connect the power of personal engagement on performance
  • Break free from constant energy drains
  • Embrace the growth mindset
  • Leverage problems into focused opportunities for growth