According to a recent study, half of all white-collar workers put in 50 or more hours per week with executives and senior leaders WAY above this average (little balance).  If the hours working aren't enough, more than 400 million business trips are taken each year keeping families apart and work life balance obsolete. Given uncontrollable economic and market conditions, there has never been a more critical time for leaders and teams to execute on their highest priorities. Executives must maintain a sense of focus and clarity among key relationships and performance results, including maintaining the greatest asset they possess—themselves. 




It goes without saying life is busy - REALLY busy. The difference between average and ALL STAR in the MLB comes down to 30 decisions in a season. 30 improved decisions are the difference between performing at the peak and running in the middle of the pack. In the hustle of a busy day how well are we performing? Are we making the best, most effective decisions with our time and our energy? Leveraging the world-class coaching methodologies of Bob Proctor and John Maxwell with guidelines embraced by the International Coach Federation (ICF) taking an productive life and turning it into an effective, intentional, balanced life.



executive coaching for busy owners

Coaching is a lot of things - but one thing it is NOT is the coach just telling the client what to do. It is working together to identify and refine what you already do so well while achieving effectiveness and balance. Each client is uniquely personal and with us it's not a one size fits all. Many executive leaders work with an executive coach to give them, their teams, and their companies a competitive edge in their game. Those who tap the talent and expertise of a personal coach reach their goals faster; see further, solve many complex problems more effectively; become more balanced, transparent, and focused on the critical actions that lead to the most important things in your life and business.

Outcomes we have seen from a coaching experience with Joshua & prime3coaching:

   Balance - Knowing what you actually desire. Increase in happiness of family members. 

   Agenda -Identifying opportunities and gaps in effectiveness

   Clarity - Formulate clear goals.

   Stress - Reduction, elimination of bad stress and personal pattern recognition for overcoming it

   Accountability - Making and keeping stronger commitments.

   Influence - Increase in impact on people at work and at home



Regardless of status or position, the influence we as leaders cultivate will impact people at work and at home.

Creating positive influence will not only be a catalyst to our own success, it will become the legacy we will leave behind.

This learning and coaching journey is designed to meet you where you are at, balance you and take you to where you want to go. There are principles of influence that when integrated and applied, will help redefine and reinvent your personal, professional and family relationships.



You will receive coaching, access to coaching calls for review, and a coaching guidebook “Guide to Personal Influence” which will engage and empower you beyond the calls and commitments made together.


Delivery options and pricing are available upon request.