I've talked about disrupting work.

What is disrupting work?

Is it going into the office…

Flipping over your desk?

Kicking over the chair?

Ripping apart the printer?

No. Disrupting our work is finding ways to play to our strengths.

Disrupting work is saying, hey, just because I've done it this way, should I always do it that way?

Disrupting work is stepping back and saying, how can I actually be more innovative?

Am I going down the right path?

Am I using the right skillset?

Disrupting our work is saying that there is something better than what I am currently achieving or there is something more than I currently possess at this moment.

Now that's great…

I think we all want to have more to be more, to do more.

But how do we achieve those “mores”…

And it's the art of disrupting our work, It's the art of asking ourselves the three questions.

What am I best at?

Why am I here?

Who am I becoming.