So I was on the phone earlier today…

I was sharing with somebody about this project that I'm working on and how it is requiring everything of me to push this across the line, and why it’s requiring everything of me is because I'm doing something that's not a strength of mine.

I'm having to kind of stay focused in an area to do something very specific

That’s a little bit more of a weakness for me.

Now people say, delegate or don't do your weaknesses.

Sometimes you have to.

The point I want to make here is when we're disrupting our work, it's not so much about the work, it's about our awareness of us as we are doing the work.

I'm not doing this work and then end the day being, gosh, I am wiped out.

Why is that?

I know why I'm feeling a certain way. I know why I'm more frustrated than I normally get.

I know why.

Perhaps I'm more critical because I'm doing something that is a weakness.

However, we have to patch the hole in the boat.

I'm not letting the boat go down, but it's the awareness of the weakness.